Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Home Tour Tuesday.....errrr Wednesday: The Living Room

Alrighty, sorry this is a day late. Life happens.
And for the life of me I can't take a decent picture of this here ya go.
Here is our living room. It is our only 'common space' (meaning no family room, keeping room, finished basement, etc.)
So...we do all our hanging out here.
It's kind of cluttery....sorry. I'm not a designer. At.all. it is:

The entertainment hub:
We are a no-cable family, so we have a Mac Mini hooked up to our TV, so we can surf the web, watch Hulu, Youtube and what not. It really is fun for entertaining and hanging out. And of course, for Mr. Free, we have the Xbox and Wii.

Where I blog from....hehe
(Praise the Lord, we got Central Air this soon we will take out that ugly wall unit!!!)
I love this basket for shoes I got for my birthday last year from Mr. Free's family...

Some old books...they were my grandmothers. I love decorating with old books. It makes you look smart.
More beloved milk glass.....and old books...

Our DIY Canvas Drop Cloth Roman shades again....and Mr. Free being...well.....him.

Lots of sunshine! Sorry it's so bright... but this is our coffee table, which I love. It's weird, and different, and modern. No one else I know has it, which makes me happy.

Well, there it is. Our teeny tiny living room.

P.S. Any suggestions for the next room to show? (Kitchen, dining room, guest room, bathroom, outside?)

P.P.S. Friday I will be doing my first blog giveaway.....stay tuned!!!

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