Friday, March 26, 2010

Why Eat Local?

Great question.
I'd love to help you answer that.

Here's why eating local is good:

1. It helps the local economy
The money you pay your local farmer will then be turned around and spent in the local community.

2. It is better for you
Local food is *usually* organic. Farmers at the farmers market usually can't afford all the licensing it takes to be certified organic, but follow the same practicies.
3. It tastes better
Your produce, meat or dairy won't have been from across the country (or world!), sat for days in a train or truck, sat in a warehouse, then sat on your local store shelf. It is usually fresh picked, made or processed within 24-48 hours.

4. It's better for the environment
I know, I in the Bible belt...environmental issues aren't very popular. However...doing good for the planet is NEVER a bad thing. The less trucks (pollution) and big factories (more pollution) we use to produce food, the better for the planet.

5. It's good for your social life
By joining a CSA or becoming a regular at the Farmer's Market, you begin to form relationships with the farmers who actually make your food! Just like the good 'ol days! You also begin to form friendships from other regulars as well!

6. It's better for you
Many tests have been done to show that antibiotics, hormones and pesticides are not good for us. I mean...common sense would tell us that! Keep things the way God made them!
Meat and dairy that have not been treating with rBST or antibiotics has more nutrients, Omega-3's and protein than their infected counterparts.

7. It's better for other people
Many people who work for large food production companies are treated poorly. Whether it's through their exposure to chemicals, pesticides or low wages and health care. By supporting local farmers you are supporting those who provide their workers with a healthy, fair job.

8. Your food will last longer
When your food comes to you fresh within a couple of days (as opposed to a week or more at the store!), your food will last longer...resulting in more cost-efficient buying.

I know that living in the Midwest Bible Belt, that local, organic food is often dismissed as 'liberal hippie' stuff.
But, as the homemaker in my home (even if it is just for Mr. Free for now...) it is my job to provide my family with good, wholesome, cost-effective food.
Label it what you want...but the more research I do, the more I find it important.

As I've said previously, that Mr. Free and I are on a tight budget. I have found that local, organic meat and dairy are more expensive...but in joining our Meat CSA, we have also learned the appropriate serving of meat. We had been used to our Costco-sized portions. This includes more balanced meals- which provides us with even more nutrients.
So in the end, we are still staying well within our grocery budget!

In buying produce from our local farmers market- I find it usually cheaper than the grocery store!

Here are a couple of local companies Mr. Free and I love and support:
Lee's Summit Farmers Market

I'm sure the list will grow, as we do more research!!!

To find more farms, farmers markets and businesses in your area, check out these websites:
Readers... do you have any other reasons why you eat local?
Do you have any other websites, resources or businesses to share??
Did you find this information intersting??
Please comment and share!!!


  1. This is great Jenny! Thanks for the info. =) I have wanted several times to start shopping at farmers markets and such because I know the chemicals, pesticides and many other reasons you listed are all valid, but I didn't know where to start looking! This should help us out a ton. =) Thanks again!

  2. Great info! Every year my dad and I consider buying a lot at the farmers market and selling stuff from his garden. Someday! But for now we get to enjoy the bounty ourselves, haha :)

  3. Amanda- that's awesome!!! If you guys ever have any know who will buy some!!! ; )

  4. Melanie - Overland ParkMarch 28, 2010 at 9:16 PM

    Check out Local Hen House Markets promote a CSA during summer months - I am vowing to check it out this year. But my favorite local farmers are the folks at Campo Lindo. We LOVE their eggs and are addicted to the chicken livers at Room 39. Keep researching, there's so much good stuff in KC.

  5. Hey Melanie- great tips!! Thanks!
    As part of our meat CSA, we get eggs from Campo Lindo...they are sooo good!


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