Simplicity is something that is increasingly important to me.
As a wife and mom, I know how precious time is with my family.
I know that many things that society tells me that I "need" and "need to do" only rob me of that oh-so-precious time.
Time is something that can never be gotten again.
So in that, I am striving for simplicity.
The need for less, which in the end, will give me more.
Learning to just enjoy each and every moment that has been given to me.

Simplicity is a lifestyle.
There is not a checklist to achieve it.
It's a daily choice to say "no" to more money, more things and "yes" to what matters most.

Join me in my journey to truly focus my life on what matters.
My faith, my family, my friends.

My first step in living a simpler life was creating my own mission statement.

By having this physical reminder, it focuses my true priorities as I plan each day.

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