Sunday, March 10, 2013

I heart Dave

So, I know I am totally late in this game.
But I am totally lovin me some Dave Ramsey.

Mr. Free and I have been taking a hard look at our budget and making some big changes.
And this week, I borrowed a copy of The Total Money Makeover and can hardly put it down.
I'm half way through and clinging to each word!

Mr. Free and I have always been pretty responsible financially.
We have avoided consumer debt.
Our only debt is our home and my graduate school.

But I want to change that.
I would love us to be completely debt free.

Here are some changes we have made:
Cash only
We had done this for a long time, but finally we put the credit and debit cards away so they aren't even close.... so no temptation!
Meal planning
Again...have done this before, but now am organized about it...planning 2 weeks at a time and only going to the store twice a more impulse purchases!
Allowing fun
Before, we had put all our money to bills or savings, but we would become frustrated.
Now we have a tiny bit budgeted for us to live a little, but still stay on the course.

To get my student loan paid off
We currently have our Emergency Fund built up, so what is left at the end of the month can go toward that debt.
My Etsy store profits are now going to be going toward paying off that debt too!
I'm praying God uses that extra income to continually bless our family!

Either pay off our current home, or save up a considerable down payment for a future home
The more I think about it, the more content I am in our current home.
Yes, it's small.
No, it's not in the most desirable community.
However, God has placed us here.
It more than meets our needs.
It is close to everything we need.

We don't need granite, a 3rd garage, more toilets to scrub and crown molding.
We need financial peace.
We need to be able to bless our family and others around us.

Who has taken the challenge toward a debt-free life?
We tips and tricks do you have to add?
I am all ears!!!


  1. What great goals you guys have put together! I think the first step towards being debt free is being on the same page! It took me a long time realize that what we were "giving up" for the time being would really benefit our family in the future. Mike and I still owe money to my masters too but we were able to pay off 75,000 in undergrad! It took a lot of sacrifice but I'm glad we did! Good luck to you guys -- you are are the right track for sure and God is going to bless you and those around you tremendously!!!

    1. Thanks Alison! You guys have done GREAT to get all those loans paid off! Great job!


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