about jenny

I'm Jenny.

This blog is a chronicles my life as an always-trying-but-never-perfecting wife & mama who loves the Lord and loves her family. 

I love decorating, sewing, baking, crafting, bargain shopping, Starbucks, budgeting and creating.
Mr. Free and I strive to live life to the fullest and glorify God as we do it.
We view our calling in life is just to love people, and we view our home as a place to serve others.

Mr. Free and I have been married for 6 years.
We grew up in our local church together from the time we were 5 & 6 years old. In high school we began dating and have been together ever since!
I'm so thankful God had him set aside just for me!

By day, I am an elementary music teacher and
Mr. Free is a middle school art teacher.
I'm very blessed to be able to teach part-time.
It allows me to do what I love, contribute financially and be home most of the time.
I identify myself as a "mostly home" mom.

Mr. Free and I are proud parents to Levi, our miracle baby, born in February 2012 after a rough year of recurrent miscarriages and fertility testing. 

He turned 2 in February, and it has been the biggest blessing seeing this little man grow.

We are so thankful and excited that God has chosen us to be this little one's parents!

Thanks for reading.
I love blogging and love to hear from readers.
Please feel free to comment or e-mail any thoughts or questions you may have!

Jenny Free