Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Updated Family Schedule

Now that Levi is a bit older (technically a toddler....yikes!)
we have had to revamp our schedule.

I am not a naturally organized person, but I am weirdly into schedules.
Time is my thing.

Levi is now on a pretty strict 2 nap schedule.
When we deviate from the schedule, he has been having night terrors.
(If you've never experienced those with your child, be thankful. They are terrible.)
And his bedtime is now earlier than it used to be.

So our morning routine has changed, and I needed to get it down on paper.

Having a written schedule really helps keep me on track, helps me achieve my daily goals (quiet time, Etsy shop management, daily chores) and helps Levi stay on track. He is a much, much happier child when on a schedule.

And a big part of our daily schedule revolves around our daily chore chart.
I (and often Mr. Free) focus on one area a day to keep our house in order.
We do laundry as needed.

So do you keep a daily schedule? Does it help you or your little ones? Have any time management tips to share?

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