Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Now Entering Toddlerhood

Levi is changing so much!
Everyday I see him growing into a little boy and losing his "babyness".
{insert tears here}

Seeing him grow is so amazing though.
He is now walking and talking like crazy.
He points at everything and asks, "That?"
His vocabulary now includes:
Dad, Mama, bye, hi, hey, Gigi (grandma), dogs, clock, duck, eyes, no (not too thrilled with that one..)

He loves to play.
{He loves playing peek-a-boo!}
He is all over his playroom.
{So thankful we have that to contain the mess!}
{He loves balls and anything with wheels!}

He is so silly.
He laughs whenever everyone else laughs.
He is quite the social creature.
He waves to everyone he sees.
And waits until they wave back.
{Levi and his friends having a PJ party while the grown ups watched the Oscars. Isn't this the cutest thing ever?!}

It's amazing to see how much he has grown and is developing!
We are also starting to see the beginning of his sinful nature coming out.
He currently likes to throw things at dinner.
We tell him, "No...on the table."
{He will dangle his sippy cup or handful of food over the edge of his high chair...looking at us waiting for a reaction}
Tonight, after we said "No....on the table." He shouted, "No!"
And that's when it hit me....
...we have a toddler.

So Mama's of toddlers (or former toddlers!)...I need some tips!
I've perused Pinterest for many ideas on activities, discipline, toys, etc. but I'd love to hear some insight from tried and true Mama's!
Any tips you have in raising a toddler (books, toys, activities) would be much appreciated!!

I absolutely love seeing his personality develop every day and so thankful to get to be his Mama!

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