Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cute Ways To Carry Your Cash

It's been working great for us, and has really gotten our budget on track.

The only problem........
How do carry all that darn cash and keep it organized!

I had done the multiple paper envelopes in my purse bit.
But that just got messy.

The envelopes got tattered, and it just didn't work.

Then, I moved to one of these accordion files.

But the change would slip through the cracks.

So...I looked around online for a solution.
There are several DIY ideas out there.
(feel free to google)

But this is what I came up with....

It is very loosely based on this tutorial here.
It has 6 Velcro closure envelopes.
Each envelope has a stiff felt "tag" on the side, to label each category.

These are our cash categories for our budget:
-Grocery (this is food, pets and household items combined)
-Giving (tithe, presents, misc. giving)

So....I have a bonus envelope which contains my check book and Costco card.

I absolutely love this little wallet.
It is so much cuter, and more practical then any of my other solutions.
And this cash system is so, so good.
I highly recommend it to any one!

How do you organize your cash system?

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