Thursday, February 28, 2013

50 Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Even though here in Kansas City we have a solid 2 feet of snow on the ground...Easter is still around the corner!
I love Easter!
I am, first and foremost, so thankful for the reason we celebrate Easter. That my Savior died and rose again for me! To take my sins! That he conquered death! So amazing!
I also love the changing of spring. The pastel colors.
And the candy.
Oh the candy.

This is Levi's second Easter and I'm so excited for the Easter egg hunts (now that he can walk!) and making him a fun basket!
At first I was stumped at what to put in a basket for a barely-toddler. Then I walked around Target, WalMart and Michaels and got some great ideas.... 
You can really spend as much or as little as you like.
For me... since Levi has a Winter birthday, Easter is a great excuse to get some fun summer toys and clothes.

So here's some ideas:

* Stuffed Bunny or Chick
* Easter- themed books (see list below)
* Bible (The Jesus Storybook Bible is highly recommended)
* Chocolate Bunny
* Toddler Snacks (gold fish, fruit snacks, puffs, etc.)

Summer Fun
* New swimsuit
* Sunglasses
* Beach towel
* Water wings
* Pool toy
* Sand bucket and shovel
* Sidewalk chalk
* Kite
* Water/ Sand Table
* Lawn chair
* Tent

* Misc. board books
* Educational DVDs

* Color Wonder marker set
* Crayons
* "My First Paint Set"
* Construction Paper
* Stickers
* Apron

* Sippy Cups
* Bibs
* PJs
* Summer clothes
* Shoes
* Easter outfit
* Shampoo/Lotion
* Girl accessories (hair bows, etc.)

*Mega Bloks
* Bath toys
* Small instruments
* Little People
* Play food
* Mr. Potato Head
* Disney DVDs
* Small cars
* Slinky
* Stuffed animal
* Doll

* Tickets to the Zoo
* Membership to Gymboree
* Tickets to local children's museum

"What is Easter?"
"The Berenstein Bears and the Easter Story"
"Pat the Bunny"

Don't forget to check Etsy as well for great, handmade items for your child!

Do you have a tradition that gets put into your kids' Easter baskets?
Any other suggestions?


  1. I have a barely toddler too! Thanks for the list of ideas!

    1. It's a tricky age for gifts...not a "full blown" toddler yet, but definitely not a baby! Thanks for reading!

  2. I'm in KC too and our family tradition includes a small fudge egg from Laura Little's Fudge Shop in Prairie Village, with our little girl's name on it. My mom began the tradition when I was small and now we carry it on. Just a thought for the locals! :)

    1. I will definitely have to check that out for next year! Love giving local products! Thanks for the tip!


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