Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Love Story

I totally copied the idea for this post from Amy over at He Graces.
Sharing our love stories is the perfect idea for Valentine's Day!

Our love story is a total God thing.
I am forever thankful for the man He chose for me, and the lack of heartache I was saved from.
Praise the Lord.

So....the story begins in the early '90s.
Mr. Free was 5, I was 6.
We both began going to the same church.
The first 10 years of our lives knowing one another were pretty uneventful.
We had those kiddie church musicals together, we share the same friends, but nothin crazy.

In high school, my little sister actually had a crush on him.
I thought she was crazy.
I said he was "gross". Haha.

While in high school, I of course, longed for a boyfriend.
I was very set though, that dating should lead to marriage.
I shouldn't date someone I couldn't consider marrying.

And I had always felt that I would marry someone from our church.

I distinctly remember as a teenager laying on my bed, trying to "figure out" which boy at church I would marry.
I remember getting to Mr. Free, and saying "No...his dad has diabetes, and my dad has diabetes, so our kids could get diabetes. Won't marry him." (Little did I know a few years later, I'd have diabetes myself!) high school we shared the same friends.
His best friend, and my best friend began to date.

We went to church camp.

At church camp, there was trouble in paradise.
Mr. Free and I would sit together at lunch and discuss what we could do to help our friends relationship.

And somehow....we both began to be interested in one another.

I remember on the way home from camp...riding in the sweet church van, I looked at Mr. Free and just saw him differently. He was no longer like a brother. He meant more. we are in the year 2002. Instant Messanger was all the rage.
Mr. Free was all I could think of.
He was so dreamy.

I was IMing his best friend and happened to mention my feelings for him.
I felt silly.
Then, went and ate dinner and came back to the computer.
His friend has messaged back, "He likes you too."

I danced.

No boy had ever liked me.
At least, no boy worth my time.

I was giddy.

We spent so much time together.
Then, Oct. 18, 2002....he asked me to be his girlfriend.

I had just been diagnosed with type 1, so my life was a little crazy.
The huge blessing, was that his dad had type 1. 
The thought of a "diseased girl" didn't scare him one bit.
In fact, it was normal to him!

Our parents were already friends through church, and we knew each other's families.
Mr. Free and I dated through high school and at the end of college, we got engaged and married.

Funny facts:
-My mom gave Mr. Free trombone lessons in our living room when he was in elementary school. I'd sit at the top of the stairs and watch.
- I used to get Mr. Free's big sister's hand-me-downs. It was like we were meant to be sisters : )

We began dating 10.18.02
We got engaged 12.23.06
We got married 6.9.07
We welcomed our son 2.8.12 

Mr. Free and I have been "together" for going on 11 years now.
We've had many, many ups and downs.

High school
Finding Careers
Getting Engaged
Buying a Home
Fertility Testing
Our Baby Boy

God totally picked Mr. Free just for me.
He is such an example of a godly man.
He is a prayer warrior, and I am so thankful for that.
He knows how to love people.
He doesn't know a stranger.
He shows the gospel to others with hospitality.
He knows how to live and love life.
He fully trusts in God.

He has been my rock as we have gone through life.
I am so thankful God chose him for me.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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