Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Importance of Personal Growth

As a teacher, professional development is very important.
I have binders and binders filled with strategies to teach better, ideas for managing behavior, charts to monitor progress, etc. etc.
All these resources help refine me as a teacher and improve not only my teaching but my students' learning.

As I went through my life priorities, teaching wasn't at the top.
I love it, but my faith, family and friendships come first.

And it got me thinking.
I have so many resources and notes on being a better teacher, I should have the same for being a better Follower of Christ. To be a better wife. To be a better mother.

So, I began a personal growth binder.

And it has become a vital tool for my own personal growth.
These 2 binders are my lifesavers.
They sit on a shelf in my family room for easy access.

I brainstormed areas that I'd like more resources in with my role as a Christian, wife and mother.
Here are the different categories I came up with for myself:
Study (Bible)

Whenever I find a particular resource I would want to access again and again, I print it off and add it to my binder.
I've already gotten quite a few items.
A great thing to google is 'free ebook' about a particular topic.
At the front of my binder is my Mission Statement.
Another daily reminder I need for my life's purpose each day.

So why is personal growth important?
1. It has eternal consequences
My personal growth affects His kingdom.
My growing and understanding of His word affects my relationship with Him.

2. It effects others
My personal growth as a believer, wife and mother have a great impact on my husband, son, family and friends.
As I work to be a better wife, a more patient mom and a better household manager, the people I love the most will greatly benefit.

I have a daily planning sheet to monitor my progress with my bible studies, exercise and other daily to-do's.

Just how I push myself to be better in the workforce, I push myself to be a better me.


  1. Very Good Post! I like the idea of putting everything in a binder. Stopping by from Thriving Thursday Link Up.


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