Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Cardboard Testimony

On Easter Sunday, our church presented "cardboard testimonies". 
If you've never seen these, you can check it out here.
(have your tissues ready!)

It's incredibly powerful to see how God has used so many people in what could seem to be hopeless, scary and depressing situations.

We participated in sharing one little piece of God's work in our lives.

Here is what our cardboard said

I've spoken about our fertility issues a lot on this little blog.
But looking back on that year, it was only by God's grace that I got through it with any sort of sanity.
I was very depressed, anxious and plain old scared.
I also dealt with jealousy and doubting.
I am so, so thankful for the other side of that cardboard.
No matter what the outcome would have been, God IS faithful.

I am so eternally grateful for the gift of our son.
I am grateful for the opportunity to minister to women who may be experiencing something similar.
Without this testimony, I wouldn't have nearly the opportunities to share about God's goodness.

Over the last few days, I started to think of other cardboards I could have created.
God has done some incredible things through me, even when times were uncertain.



I am so thankful God has worked in such wondrous ways in my life, and know He will continue to do so.
I strive to be transparent so that others can see how He works.
And thank you Lord, for the other side of these cardboards.

What would your cardboard say?
How has God worked in ways that seemed impossible and hopeless?
God is so good!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Jenny! I didn't know you had also lost your father when you were six years old. How difficult that would have been. It's neat that you shared the cardboard testimonies on your blog. I've struggled with the testimony we shared, because ours didn't have quite the fairy-tale type blessing/ending that most had, but it still was a good thing to present in front of the church. One family came up to us afterwards to thank us for sharing, as they too struggle with similar issues. Part of our Christian growth and walk comes from accepting what God has allowed and somehow moving on, knowing He will carry us through it one way or another. I'm so happy for your very-special fairytale blessing! Your son is precious!

    1. I am so glad you guys shared on Sunday! And know...I'm praying for your "fairy tale" healing!


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