Monday, April 8, 2013

DIY custom labels (using picmonkey!)

So, I have no idea why, but I'm on a HUGE organization kick.
As I've mentioned a bazillion times...I'm not naturally organized.

But, after reading many organizing blogs, I was inspired.
I am in love with labeling everything!
It helps me know what goes where, and I hope down the road it helps Levi to learn how to put things back.

AND I figured out an EASY and CHEAP way to make CUTE labels.

All you need is a computer and shipping labels.

First, find a cute image you want for the background.
I happened to have pictures of fabric samples I used.
(Go to, right-click and save your favorite fabrics to use!)

Go to and click 'edit picture'

Select the picture you want for the background

Resize the image to 400 x 200 (If your labels are 4" by 2"...just take whatever your dimensions are for your labels and make the inch into a 100"
Next click an overlay to put on top.
"Geometric" or "Labels" are good ones.
Enlarge the overlay, center it and make it whatever color you'd like
(I chose white)

Next, click the text and choose a font
(I chose Lobster Two)
and select a color, and adjust the size to your liking
That's it! 
Be sure to save your image!
Now, for the other labels, just change the text to what you need.
Next, go to
Select "print and design online" and type in the design number of the labels you have
Then, select to edit each label at a time

And click to 'add image'
Then adjust the picture to fill the entire label.
Once you've filled the page, click to print!
(Make sure the label paper is in correctly!)

I absolutely LOVE how they have turned out!
Completely custom!


  1. My wife is a huge fan of picmonkey too. It all started much the same way as you have been doing – making labels to get more organized. It started off pretty basic until she began to get more creative, using images that represent the things she's organizing. They almost look like company logos actually. You should see the ones she did for the doors to our kids' rooms. You'd think they were CEO's of toy trucks and unicorns. :)

    1. That's awesome! I'd love for you to email some of them! I'd love to use them with my little boy! jennyfreeblog{at}gmail{dot}com

  2. This post is so inspiring. I love the ideas shared especially with custom labels as part of organizing things. I'm not that organized, too. But I'm trying hard to be one these days. These simple but great ideas for sure would work for me. I'm very much impressed I was able to browse your site. Thanks!


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