Wednesday, May 8, 2013

learning to let go

I'm going to give you a little peek into how my mind works.
Proceed with caution.

I'm not a naturally organized person.
I don't enjoy cleaning.
{I do enjoy the affects of such efforts though!}

I have many-a-times beat myself up for not being Perfect Mrs. Susie Homemaker.
I try, I really do. 
But it's not natural for me.

I have my chore chart and try my darndest to stick to it.

But sometimes, this situation comes up.

Levi is playing in the playroom, and I know I need to sweep and mop all the floors.
I have a choice to make.

Do my chore...or play with my son.

Sometimes I choose one, sometimes I choose the other.
Both bring guilt.

I beat myself up if I don't check off everything on my to-do list for the day.
I put myself down for being such a poor homemaker and wife.

If I have completed each and every task, I have crazy Mama guilt.
Those were precious moments I could've spent snuggling my son, chasing him, etc.

Both mindsets aren't healthy.

I'm learning to simplify and let go.

I take my role as homemaker, mother and wife seriously.
Keeping my home as a safe, healthy, comfortable haven is important.
But at what expense?

I have to change my mindset.

It is OK.

It is OK to skip mopping today to chase Levi around the dining room table.
It is OK to show Levi how to load the dishwasher.
It is OK to let Levi stay up a few extra minutes to finish watching his beloved Elmo.
It is OK to fold that laundry tomorrow when Levi wants Mama to push him in his car.
It is OK to have Levi help him "dust" the furniture.

So I'm ridding myself of the guilt.
I am going to enjoy each and every precious moment with my son, husband, family and friends.
At the end of my life, on my deathbed, will I really regret not scrubbing the bathroom floor in 2014.

I'm simply letting go of the non-essential things.

 So, if you come to my house and my kitchen looks like this

and my family room looks like this
I'm going to welcome you into our well loved home,
offer you a cold drink
and not apologize for how things look.


Anyone else ever struggle with this balance?
Whether it is work and family, chores and family?
How have you found a balance?



  1. Love this :) I've been trying to find that balance for a couple years now and always feel like something is being neglected. Learning to let go, and learning to delegate what I can.

  2. My son is 17 months now and we (my husband and I) are still struggling with this :( Glad to see I am not the only one :) And after reading your post, I believe I am going to try to take the same approach to life!


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