Wednesday, May 1, 2013

DIY alphabet wall art

This project takes next to no time and for hardly any money.
It would be perfect in a nursery, toddler/preschoolers room or a playroom!

All you need is:
Color printer
Washi tape (optional)
Corkboard (optional)

I knew I wanted to add some more art over Levi's crib.
The past prints he had hanging were too low and he would swing them and tear them down while he was in his crib.
(And yes...our walls took a beating!)

And for some reason I was on a big alphabet kick and decided to do a little educational wall decor.
I googled and googled alphabet printables and first found this one and fell in love.
Totally adorable and I loved the vintage vibe of it. had too much pink.
Too much for my little man's room.
Sad day.

So, I continued my googling and pinteresting (not sure that those are proper verbs..)
and found these printable flash cards

I liked their simplicity, colors and rounded corners.
So I printed them off and got a'cuttin.

After they were all cut out, I tried to figure out how I wanted to arrange them on the wall.
My first thought was to simply tape them up with Washi tape for a casual look.
But I wasn't completely diggin it.

Then I thought about hanging them in an empty frame clipped to jute twine like my photo display in the living room.

 But I didn't have a frame that would be big enough...

 But I did have a cork board!
 I like the simple look of it.
I simply pinned all the letters to the board.
They fit perfectly!
 The wall definitely needs a bit more to it. It looks kind of bare.
I'm thinking of hanging Levi's HammerPress post cards on either side.

But I am very much enjoying the colorful and fun alphabet with that playful  banner over his crib.
{And I know it's up kinda high, but it's that way to be out of his reach!}

What do you think?
Have any frugal wall decor you've found lately?

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  1. Stephanie smithMay 2, 2013 at 5:01 AM

    Love! I just did something very similar in our living room. I ripped out pages of a book and just tacked them on the easy and cheap!


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