Thursday, May 16, 2013

daily count your blessings {with free printable}

I am currently reading this book

It is a fantastic book.
Mr. Free and Levi got me a huge stack of books that I had been wanting for Mother's Day.
This was one of them and I've been making it a point to read each evening before bed.

This book has 40 chapters, but each are only a couple of pages.
It makes it easy to digest and she gives so many great ideas.

One of the suggestions Jamie has in her book is to record your steady blessings.
That each day you {and your kids} simply reflect on the blessings that that day held.
I love this idea.
It helps our families focus on how blessed we are.
It helps us see how the simple things are truly magnificent.

I highly suggest that at the end of the day, simply write the blessings you had that day.
I guarantee it will begin to change your perspective and you'll start to see the joy in the little simple blessings we so often ignore and miss.

I made a free printable that you can simple right-click, save and print.

I highly encourage you to add it to your Personal Growth Binder and take the time to really reflect on the ways God has blessed you.
Imagine the impact it will have on your children, your spouse and others.

So at the end of a long day, pull out your sheet and a pen, light a candle, sip a warm drink and reflect on how good God was today.

Do you take the time to reflect and count your blessings each day?
I know I am purposely going to be making this a habit.

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