Wednesday, May 29, 2013

learning to live life unplugged

So, this post is written to me.
If you happen to glean anything from it, that's just a bonus.

I love technology.
(but not as much as you, you see).

But seriously. 
I love me some gadgets.

I love my iPhone.
I love my iPad.
I love my Macbook.
iHeart them.'s becoming a problem.
I'm always on my phone.
There is always someone to text, a facebook status to write, a pin to "pin" and a blog to write.
I love current events, socializing and learning new things.
And my phone helps me do that to the max.
I love it for that.

It records videos of my sweet little boy.
It contains my recipes that I use often.
It tracks my weight watcher points.
It gives me directions to a new place.
It tells me anything I need to know via Google.

But it's a time waster.
It's a life sucker.

Have you had those moments where you are driving somewhere and realized you left your phone at home?
And you panicked?

Yeah, I've had those.
And miraciously, I survived to tell about it.

But as I strive to live simpler, and enjoy a more quality life, I've realized I have to unplug.

Multi-tasking with my technology in hand is robbing with of the true moment.
I am now putting some restricitons on my technology time.
They include:
 Because it's at the point, that I think if Levi were to draw a picture of his Mama, it would include a phone in her hand.
Not cool, mama.

So I have to remind myself
 So I am vowing to unplug just a bit.
Technlogoy is a part of our everyday life, but in order to live my life to its fullest and most joyfyl, I have to learn to unplug.
 Is anyone with me?
Anyone else addicted to the iLife? (phones, ipads, laptops)
How have you beaten the technology addiction?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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