Thursday, June 6, 2013

diy kids art display

Our home will never look like a magazine.
I've made peace with that.
Our home is where we live.
Our home contains a child and animals.
I want it to be comfortable for them.

And part of that, includes showing off their creations!
Levi is just now getting the hang of making art (as opposed to eating it!) and I wanted a place to show it off!

Here's what you need:
A yard stick ($2.99 at Hobby Lobby)
Clips ($2.80 at Hobby Lobby)
Hot glue gun
Command hook strips

color printer
card stock

Decide how many clips you'd like and how far apart.
The beauty of using a ruler, is the measurements are right there!
Simple hot glue the flat back part of the clip to the front of the ruler.

Allow to dry.

 Use command strips (or double sided tape) and attach to wall using level.

There it is!
{Isn't my child a brilliant artist?!}

To add a little extra pizazz, I made this printable and simply printed it and put it on a clipboard I hung right above it.
I love this quote.
{right-click and save and/or print this image for yourself!}

 There it is! A great, cheap naptime craft project!

How do you display kids art work?
Are you a fridge family? Make an album or binder for each child?
Frame special pieces?

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