Tuesday, June 11, 2013

striving to live a simple, intentional & joyful life.

 So God is definitely working in my heart.
For the past several months, I have felt a need for simplicity in our lives.
The fast-paced world in which we live is just too much.
I've seen as a new-ish mama, how fast babies really do grow.
And I don't want to miss a second of my precious boys life.

A couple of months ago, God began working in my heart about living simpler.
And at that time, I thought it meant about "stuff".
Clear the clutter, buy less things.

I've made improvements in that area, but the last few days God has shown me there is so much more.
I've been reading some fantastic books lately about motherhood and simple living.
The latest book I've been reading has really opened my eyes...not to things I didn't know, but things I closed my eyes to.
Everyone needs to read this book.
It had been on my "to read" list for awhile, and I found it in the $5 bin at Mardel and scooped it up.
The premis of the book, is Jen, a pastor's wife, takes 7 months to focus on the excess in her life.
Each month has a focus (food, clothes, stress, etc.) and fasts from those items in some form.
(Only eat 7 foods for a month, give away 7 items a day, etc.)
It is written like a journal and you see her journey as she learns to let go and live much, much simpler.

Now, her measures are a bit extreme.
(Lord willing, I'm not going to just eat 7 foods for the rest of my life).
Her message is clear though.

As Christians, we should release our desire for stuff.
(clothes, a beautiful big home, dinners out)
And we should focus on those that don't have any.

I  had heard statistics before.
I know many, many children die of hunger each day.
I know some students that I have that may not get a decent meal over the weekend.

But I continue to live my indulgent life.
Starbucks, shopping, decorating, etc.

All while complaining about how poor I am.

*hangs head in shame*

You see, we live in a small-ish house.
We live in a lesser desired suburb.
We drive used cars.

Compared to many others in our family and social circle, I felt poor.
We had to scrimp and save to go out to dinner.
I would find loose change in my car in order to drive through Starbucks before work.

But I am oh-so blessed.

I have a home.
A home with plenty of space and that we can afford.
We live in an area that needs Christ.
God has placed us here for a reason.
We have reliable, paid for transportation.
We have 2 refrigerators full of food (2!)
We have clean water, indoor plumbing and medicine.

Though I selfishly feel poor for not having my every want and desire met, I am in fact in the top 1% of wealth in the entire world.

So here I am, one of the richest people in the world, praying to get richer while children die of hunger.
Gah, I make myself sick.

So here is my scripture mediation.

God has really shown me how blessed I am in so many ways.
And it's time for me to be grateful for that.
To say "enough is enough" to wanting more, and bless others.

I've already purged a lot of our things to donate to those who need it.
I am trying to use every scrap of food we have, instead of throwing old food away, simply because I "didn't want it".

I'm trying to slow down and enjoy each-and-every blessing.
Levi's giggles.
Fireflies at night.
Air conditioning.
Fresh-baked cookies.

This is going to be a journey my friends, and I hope to keep you updated as I go.

So, here is my heart.
This is how God is leading me.
Pray for me as I try to live intentionally and simply and find the joy in each and every blessing.

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