Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Creating A Summer Routine

Summer vacation is officially 7 days away.
{But who is counting...right?!}

As I've mentioned previously, both Mr. Free and I are teachers.
That means 11 weeks of family time.

Before the Little One came along, summers were pretty aimless.
Sleep in.
Go shop.
Grab a Starbucks.
Take a nap.
Maybe a chore or two.

Now that Mr. Levi is around, and I see just how precious each moment is with him.

No more mindless shopping.
No more random Target trips.

Because a routine is best for my child, and myself.
Being at home will help me with contentment in not wanting more.
Being at home will help me be a blessing to my family.
Because it will help me live at a slower pace.

I decided to take our normal schedule and tweak it for the summer.
Now...I've rephrased it.
It is our "routine" as opposed to a "schedule".

Summer is meant to be laid back.
Summer needs flexibility.
Summer is fun.

So, instead of a certain time each day an item needs to be is just a general routine.

Here is how ours is currently looking.

My goal is to make memories.
To be intentional.
To enjoy each moment.
To be flexible.
To relax.

Mamas, if you are going to be home this summer with your littles...I encourage you to put some thought into creating your own routine!

Think about the non-negiotables each day (meals, naps, bedtime) and then plan some fun interactive and independent play time in there! May as well sneak in a little learning too!

Make sure to leave some room for yourself. Wake up early before the kids and start your day off with your Bible and some quiet.

During naptime, take a nap yourself! Read a book! Savor those moments!

Plan fun outings that you and the kids will always remember. There are fabulous day trips that can cost next to nothing!

For some of you, summer doesn't look a whole lot different than any other season.
Work is still the same, kids routines are still the same.
But why not add a little summer fun?

Maybe stay up a little later than normal and catch fireflies in the backyard.
Treat the kids to ice cream from the ice cream truck after daycare.
Build a fort in front of the TV and watch a movie.

There is something magical about summer time.
I can't wait.

P.S. I have a great idea for budgeting activities for your family for the summer. Stay tuned!

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