Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our first bundle of meat!

So Mr. Free and I headed out this morning to get our first bundle of meat from our Local Meat CSA.

At first we were a bit shocked. It seemed like not much meat.

Then I was reminded that we have really been used to Costco-sized meat packages, so we are just seeing *normal* amounts of meat again. And we got a half share.

Here is what all we got:

* Ground beef
* Dozen eggs
* Pot Roast
* Sirloin Steak
* Lamb Chops
* Pork Sausage

I'm very excited for this culinary challenge. I've never cooked lamb before, so this will be interesting!
If you have any great recipes, please pass them along! I've hit sort of a 'cooking rut', so please send over any great recipes you have!!!

Have a great Saturday!!!


  1. Great basket! Will you get veggies and fruits in the summer or is your CSA just for meats?

  2. It's just for meats. We are looking at whether to join a veggie/fruit CSa in the spring or just go to the farmers market.... Not sure yet. Jury is out.


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