Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beef and Backsplash

Here's the beef:

Mr. Free and I have had a couple items from our CSA Bundle, and I thought we'd update you on our thoughts!

Last night we ate the pork sausage (we had breakfast for dinner...my favorite!) and it was the best sausage I've ever had! No joke! Mr. Free isn't even a big sausage fan and he loved it. It was a bit spicy, but just right. Not overly spicy. So good.

Last Friday we made some uh-mazing burgers with some of the ground beef. They were to die for! The meat was so juicy and flavorful! Mr. Free and I both noticed the meat had a slightly "gamier" taste to it....probably because we've never had natural beef! It's always had fillers and crud in it...

We grilled the burgers with some grilled onion, Taleggio cheese (which you SERIOUSLY must try this cheese....it is amazing!!!), some mayo and some grilled Italian bread.

Honestly, the best burger I have ever had. Mmmm......

(Seriously....I need a good camera. My camera phone isn't cuttin' the mustard. Maybe someday......)

I've seen people lately asking for easy backsplash ideas, and I thought I would share our DIY backsplash!

Our teeny-tiny kitchen used to have *plastic* tiles as a backsplash.
Oh yes...plastic.


Well....we decided to update on kitchen. On a minimal, minimal budget.
I really LOVE modern touches, and I really loved the thought of a stainless steel backsplash.
Holy moly...those puppies are pricey!!!

Enter Mr. Free and our good friend Kyle's genius idea.

Aluminum Roof Flashing.

It is literally a fraction of the price and its magnetic. How cool is that?!!

It looks great...and only cost us about $40!

And we LOVE the custom microwave shelf to match our backsplash! It saves us so much counter space and looks sleek!!!

Mr. Free and Kyle worked for a couple of hours and we were left with a unique, one of a kind backsplash!

Happy Tuesday!!!!!

xoxo Jenny Free


  1. Awesome kitchen... Totally awesome. On another note, we get our beef from a farmer in Southern Missouri who raises them organically. My family splits a cow and we each get 1/4 or 1/3 or 1/2 or whatever. It is a lot of meat. When we got the 1/2 it filled a chest freezer full, and two refrigerator freezers. You have to be in the mood for beef for a long time...one because you have it, and two because there isn't any room for anything else in there. Anyway, once you have had good beef like this, you really never want to go back. Everything else tastes, just, not right.....


  2. I know...the meat is awesome! We did notice a 'gamier' taste...but we really liked it! We are excited to try the chicken and the lamb too!

  3. Hi Jenny, just a curious question...how did you attach the flashing to the wall? Glue? Nails? Thanks!!!

  4. Sunkisses- Mr. Free used liquid nails. Hope that helps!


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