Friday, March 5, 2010

Quick update then gotta run....

Mr. Free and I literally have not been home this week.

Thus, with 3 animals at home, this is how our floors look.


(This blog is about a real human. If you want to see perfect homes and perfect people, I can refer you to their blogs if you'd like. : ) )

I'm off to go clean them. Pronto.

Tonight Mr. Free and I are having dinner with some dear friends, then playing broom hockey. If you've never experienced this 'Youth Group' classic sport, you really must.

Tomorrow Mr. Free and I will pick up our first bundle of meat from our Meat CSA.
I'll update you on our first impressions!

For those who have asked, here is a link to their website.

Parker Farms Natural Meats.

Happy Friday!!!

xoxo Jenny Free

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