Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My design inspiration.

Ok....I only got ONE question. (crash.and.burn)

Here it is:
What is your main inspiration in decorating?


Really. I decorate my home and fill it with rare and beautiful things for these people. The people who live here. Who make memories here.
My husband.
My family.
My friends.
Sometimes strangers.

3 By wisdom a house is built,
and through understanding it is established;

4 through knowledge its rooms are filled
with rare and beautiful treasures.

Proverbs 24:3-4

My home is meant to be a backdrop to our life. Not the main attraction.
It is meant to be comfortable. A place people feel welcome.

Mr. Free and I have long felt the gift of hospitality. To open our home to help serve and minister to others.

As far as style goes, I would label myself Vintage Modern.
I love modern, but it's too cold.
I love vintage, but it's too girly.

So I mix and match.

Here's my dining room for example:

Our dining set is more modern.
Our rug is more modern.
Our hutch is my grandparents that I updated by painting a glossy white.
Our plant stand was my great-grandmother's bedstand that I also painted glossy white.
The milkglass on the hutch is vintage and reminds me of my grandmother.

Mix and match.

When decorating my home, I tend to find things I love, even if I don't quite have a place for it, and then incorporate it somewhere.

You left-brainers out there are gasping. It MUST have a place before it's bought!

Not on my watch.

Then again, I am quite the right brainer.

In keeping and mainting my home, I recently found this quote that I love.

Your home should be clean enough to be healthy, but dirty enough to be happy.

That is so perfect.

OK readers.... you tell me. What inspires your decorating???

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  1. You have one more question... unless you're going to be a stickler about 24 hours... :)


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