Thursday, March 4, 2010

Frugal Tip of the Day: Almost Free Arby's.

OK, this is huge. It's a near and dear Free household secret.

Almost free Arby's.


Ok, so awhile back Mr. Free and I were dining on our roast beef sandwiches, when I turned over our receipt and saw this beauty.

So... if you go online or call the survey, you get a free sandwich?! Sweet!

Then I realized. They are on the back of every receipt.

Which means, I go in (or drive thru), order my free sandwich and a $1 fry, get a meal for a buck and then another free sandwich coupon.


And the cycle begins.

The beauty of it? You don't even have to order anything! You can just get the free sandwich (which I've done many times). And if you use the drive thru, they often still staple a receipt to your bag!

Why do they do this, you may ask. Well, they want you to respond to those surveys and rate their restaurant highly.

Our local Arby's loves us because they know we are rating them and we have always gotten wonderful service.

I know this doesn't help America's obesity epidemic. You win some you lose some.

Mmmm......curly fries.

What are your frugal dining out tips??? Please share!!!


  1. Hi, I love your posts. I gave you a blog award on my blog. Go check it out and then post it on yours!

  2. you should check out this website called "Groupon" - I've joined but haven't purchased anything yet, great for date nights if it's in KC by now... you buy a giftcard to a restaurant at a huge discount then use the giftcard at your leisure in the next few months before it expires, there's a different "Groupon" each day to buy, and when referring people you get credits to your account! amazing :)

  3. Andrea- thanks again!
    Laura- I'll have to check that out! I haven't heard of it before- I hope it's in our area! That sounds awesome!!!


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