Monday, March 29, 2010

Moodboard Monday: A *real* bedroom!

A couple of weeks ago I got an e-mail from an old friend asking for ideas for her master bedroom. Her bedroom is cozy, with hardwood floors and some already purchased furniture as well as some new-to-them craigslist pieces.

So here is what I whipped up: (If you can't see the pic below, click here!)

Wall color: She mentioned she loved the color gray. I thought a Gray accent wall behind the bed, and an icy, calm blue for the rest of the room would be calming.

Curtians: I love this Amy Butler fabric and thought it would make some *beautiful* curtain panels for the room!

Bed: She already has a dark platform bed, but was looking for a headboard of some sort. I thought a DIY white upholstered headboard would look amazing up against the gray accent wall.

Dresser: She is getting that amazing dresser from Craigslist, but it needs some work. I loved the look of this dresser with the gray fronts and the rest painted white. I thought that would give her dresser a modern updated twist on a mid-century modern piece.

Chair: She already has this chair in gray (soooo jealous!) in another room, but I thought it would fit perfectly in her room with an icy blue accent pillow.

Rug: This rug is from Target (and NOT cheap), but white shag rugs are easily found and would be a great way to bring in softness and warmth to the cold hardwood floors.

Accessories: A silver mirror, silver floor vases and some candles will accessorize the room without it being "too much". The focus really is the bed and those amazing curtains.

Alright readers...what do you think?

Do you have a room you'd like help with? I'd love to help and whip up a moodboard for you!!!

P.S. I was featured on Sunshine and Wine's blog today for some of the my thrift store finds! Be sure to check it out!!!


  1. I Love it!! I've been thinking of doing a DIY headboard for bedroom.

  2. This is soooo pretty, I love the colors and textures that you put together. You are really talented.
    Love, Aunt Ree


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