Monday, March 22, 2010

Mood board Monday: Basement style

As you are well aware, I am dreaming of changing my basement.

It is 900 sq. feet and about 30% finished.

It has raw concrete floors, white paneled walls and a dry wall ceiling.

Mr. Free and I do a lot of our art projects down there, so the raw concrete actually works for us.

But....we'd like to dress it up a bit.

This is one of my many visions of what to do with the space.
One day, I will finally pick one of my visions and run with it!
Please tell me....what do you think???


  1. Wow - I think it looks gorgeous! I wish my basement could look that stunning and stylish. It looks like a pretty and comfortable area to hang out. :)

  2. Thank you so much! We would like to use it as a space to play games and such...just using area rugs to warm it up a bit. Thanks for the positive comment!!!

  3. A way to keep the concrete floors (for easy clean up and what not) but make them look pretty is to mop a stain on them then seal with a glossy coat. (I'm not exactly sure what the glossy coat IS, but that's how we did our floors at church and they turned out great!) And I love your little lay out at the top. So stinking cute!


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