Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Amy Butler inspired home office

Ok...I created another mood board. For a home office.

I LOVE this Amy Butler fabric, and thought the wall behind the desk would look amazing covered in it. The rest of the room would be painted that icy blue.

I obviously have an obsession with Parsons desks and spine bookcases....

I really, really love the beautiful potential of home offices. I actually kind of have one...and it looks NOTHING like my mood boards. It is a hodge podge of hand-me-down furniture and pet toys. Haha.

A girl can dream....

If you want to see where pieces are from, click here!

Ok....what do you think? Like it better than the 'bright and cheery' home office?
I'd love your thoughts!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I really like it. I like the fabric (gorgeous) and the colors are cool/calm, great for an office. And the fabric will really pop! Very nice. :)


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