Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blanc Burgers: Eat Local

This is where Mr. Free and I celebrated his birthday last night, along with his best friend (of the many, many best friends he has!)

I was very excited to visit this restaurant because as you well know, Mr. Free and I are trying to support local food as much as we can afford. Blanc supports many local businesses by using their products for their food. Love that.

This place is pricey...the quality is amazing.

Here's what we ordered:

Seriously, the flavor was amazing. And the burgers were HUGE! (1/2 pound!)
I took most of it home, and look forward to it for dinner tonight! : )

Mr. Free ordered the 'Classic', I ordered the 'Inside Out' (stuffed with Blue cheese, topped with bacon and onion ring)
All burgers have their homemade ketchup and pickle.

We also ordered a side of Truffle fries (seriously amazing...oh the flavor!) and their onion rings.
Very good.

And of course...we had to order milkshakes. We both got chocolate. Made with local Shatto Chocolate milk and Foo frozen custard.
Amazingly rich.

I loved their decor too. Very modern and minimal. Loved it.
I even snuck into the bathroom with my camera to take a picture of their amazing wall paper.

I loved it.

All in all, we will definitely go back for another special occasion. Word on the street is that they are opening one in Lee' s Summit next month called B:2, which will feature smaller burgers at a more affordable price.



  1. They very much are opening one in LS. B2 A burger Boutique. In Summit Fair.

  2. We are very excited! It's sooo good!

  3. Hey, I just found your blog. I like it!! I am adding you to my blogroll :)


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