Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home Tour Tuesday: Our bedroom

I thought it would be fun each Tuesday to give you a little peak into our home.
This week it is our bedroom.
It's small, but it's the biggest bedroom we have.
Our bedroom actually used to be the guest room until I figured out that this room was actually bigger.
So we moved.
Here it is:

Our closets didn't have doors, so for a cheap fix I went the bedsheet route. The curtain is a Full size sheet from Target that I used drapery clips and a tension rod.

The sign I got at Hobby Lobby, and the frame around it I got from there also for 90% off.
I like the look of the sign being framed. I think it gives it more presence.
The flowers are from our wedding.
The books were my grandmother's poetry books that I loved as a child.
And yes, we have a baseball bat by our bed. Home protection baby.

My milk glass...I use it to hold jewelry and my cell phone to charge at night.

*** A tip: Our dresser and nightstand were actually purchased from the 'Kids' section at our local furniture store. They were the exact same dimensions as the 'Adult' version, just had different hardware. We liked them equally and the 'Kids' version was about $100 bucks cheaper!

What do you think???
What room would you like to see featured for next week?


  1. Hey, Jenny! Cool, what a great idea for a series...I, of course, love looking at people's homes:) Wow, your milk glass is so pretty, and I like how its functional at the same time. And that is so great about the kids furniture, I never would have thought of that. How about family/living room next week?

  2. I love your milk glass compote jars! And the hanging sign is pretty creative ;-)

  3. I too am a fan of the milk glass and the sign/frame... Also love your little chair in the corner! Is that your wedding bouquet in the vase?? =) Cute! I agree about the living room...
    Wish my house were set up cute enough that I could show it off!!! =)

  4. Thanks for the compliments!
    Whitney- the bouquet is one of my bridesmaids bouquet...and the vase is filled with the rose petals that were sprinkled down the aisle. : )
    So far...looks like the living room will be next!


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