Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2 more questions!!!

Yay to whoever you are for asking more questions!!! Woohoo!!!
OK...here they are:

1. How do you deal with comparing yourself to others? We just bought our first house and we love it, but it's so much smaller than our friends' 4 bedroom places. Do you struggle with contentment at all?

I know it's something to pray about and I know I need to be thankful for what we have (I am, very!!) but I get very frustrated feeling like we're constantly "behind". Any thoughts?

Alrighty...to be honost...contenment is a DAILY struggle for me. Unfortunately, I think as a woman, we easily fall into this. Whether about our homes, our decorations, or housekeeping skills, our weight, our hair color, our clothes...I could go on forever.

I did a blog post awhile back sharing how I battle with contentment.

What I really *try* to do daily is to look around at the amazing blessings and opportunites God has blessed me with. Yes, many of our friends have way better homes than we do. Some are better cooks than I am.

But I am uniquely made for a purpose.

I strongly believe I live in this house for a reason. I live in my neighborhood for a reason. Heck, I have red hair for a reason.

If I can change my perspective from jealousy to gratitude it makes a world of a difference.

Just remember....for all those people you feel "behind", there are literally millions "behind" you. Thankful for a hot meal, or a roof over there head.
It's all perspective. And I'm right there with ya.

Question 2:
Do you know your neighbors well? How do you create community where you live? I'm longing for close community and I think I'm realizing that I'll have to create it. Have you done/had to do that?

We don't know our neighbors the best. On one side of us is an older couple who have lots of family over that we occassionally say 'hi' to and apologize for our barking dogs.

The other side is a young-ish family with 4 school age kids. Over the past year we've really gotten to know them.
The kids just wander over to see us and help us around the yard.
We try to be very hospitable to them and invite them to join us when we are outside enjoying the weather.

Other than that, we really don't know very many people. I wish we did. Community is a wonderful thing.

Our neighborhood though isn't very "neighborly". It's lower-end homes in a not-so-affluent suburb.
No picket fences. No block parties.
But being out and saying hello to people as you go for a walk with the dogs or work in your yard is a great way to build community.

Mr. Free and mine's biggest source of 'community' is at our church. It's in the next suburb over, but we grew up there. We pretty much know everybody, they know us. We all share our joys, struggles, sorrow and occassionally a meal (OK...a LOT of meals.)

Sometimes 'community' can be found outside of your neighborhood. Explore churches, community events, volunteering organizations, etc.

Thanks for the questions!!! I won't be a stickler about the 24 hour rule. If you've got a question....keep em coming!!!

This is a blast!!!


  1. I think contentment is a stuggle for everyone. I have the same problem of always wanting more even though I have more than I could ever need. I just have to keep reminding myself that I am so very blessed with everything God has given me. You seem to be handling everything very well!

  2. Well thank you! I think it always will be a struggle to some point- it's human nature to compare. Perspective is key and being grateful for what we ourselves have been blessed with.
    Thanks for reading my blog Andrea...yours is fabulous! I just subscribed!

  3. "Just remember....for all those people you feel "behind", there are literally millions "behind" you. Thankful for a hot meal, or a roof over there head.
    It's all perspective. And I'm right there with ya."

    Just what I needed to hear. Thank you for your openness!!

    (I read your earlier contenement post when you put it up, I just wanted further thoughts. :))

  4. Anna, you are so welcome!!! Thanks for the question! I'll be praying for you that contentment will come a bit easier!


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