Monday, March 1, 2010

Ask Me Anything!!!

Ok, for the next 24 hours, I am going to open my comments for people to ask me anything. Tomorrow I will blog with my responses to the questions.

FYI, you can comment annonymously. (But do remember, questions need to be appropriate...)

You can ask a decorating question, cooking question, a question about a product featured on my blog, or a question about silly old me.

Ask as many as you want!

Ready, set, go!

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Thanks for your support of Jenny Free Style. I'm looking forward to your questions!!!


  1. What is your main inspiration in decorating?

  2. How do you deal with comparing yourself to others? We just bought our first house and we love it, but it's so much smaller than our friends' 4 bedroom places. Do you struggle with contentment at all?

    I know it's something to pray about and I know I need to be thankful for what we have (I am, very!!) but I get very frustrated feeling like we're constantly "behind". Any thoughts?

  3. Do you know your neighbors well? How do you create community where you live? I'm longing for close community and I think I'm realizing that I'll have to create it. Have you done/had to do that?

  4. What are the 5 best thrift stores in KC for furniture/home accessories? (They ALL have tons of clothes...)

    Do you and the Mr. want kids? Will there be any anytime soon?


I love comments! Thanks for leaving me one! I read each and everyone one! xoxo Jenny Free