Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ocean Water.

Have you ever had an Ocean Water from Sonic?

You really must.

I've had one before, and it was disgusting. That Sonic's recipe was watered-down blue Powerade with ice. Not cool.

The real recipe? Sprite with Blue Coconut syrup. So good.

Today I had a free route 44 coupon for completing a survey, so treated myself to a yummy Ocean Water.

Each sip makes me think of cruising on the Atlantic. Oh, a girl can dream.

***My frugal tip of the day, do those surveys on your receipts people! Free is free!


  1. Thanks for the tip! I usually don't do them because some are just a "chance to win" and we never have won, but the ones where it is a free sandwich or such I will definitely start doing! :)

  2. Oh good!! They are such a great thing, and only take a minute or two! Enjoy your free goodies!!!


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