Thursday, April 1, 2010

Outdoor Living

I hope it's safe to say that Spring has sprung!!!
Here in KC it has been in the 80's for the last two days....absolutely gorgeous!!!

With this warm weather, I've decided I need to do some decorating outside!
After we got married, we used some of our money and Mr. Free added on a deck to the back of our house. It is wonderful!
We love having fires in the fire pit, and just relaxing.
Last year we broke down and bought a hammock on clearance. Best.thing.ever.

So....I decided to gain some inspiration for my outdoor space. Here's what I found:

beach vintage eclectic patio

oceandesigner contemporary landscape

SchappacherWhite Ltd.  patio

Private Residence in Los Angeles, 10,000sq.ft mediterranean patio

9.jpg (image) eclectic patio

roof top terrace modern patio

Aren't these spaces gorgeous?!!!

Alright readers....which of these pics is your fave?
Also....what are your plans to beautify your outdoor spaces???


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  1. I love them all!! I just wanted to say that I finished my roman shades today!!! Thank you so much for posting up the idea. I am going to post pics later tonight when its easier to see them :)

    I really have the itch to decorate our deck too. We have a table that my mom gave us, so I just need to get an umbrella & some chairs for some outside dining. Its sad - most of the time i just use the deck to put up my drying racks :)

  2. Sarah- That's awesome you go them done!! I can't wait to see pics! I really have the 'deck decorating itch' too. Hopefully I'll have some 'after' pictures after I figure out what I want to do!

  3. Ok pics are up, you should go check them out :)


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