Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dreaming of being a Lake Rat...

Mr. Free and I love where we live.
It's the perfect starter home and town for us.
But where we'd really like to live?

A lot of our good friends live there.
It is closer to our workplaces.
It is closer to our parents.
It is in a better school district.
It is like being on vacation, yet 20 minutes from a Target.

It's where we want to be.

We are planning to start looking at properties in a couple of years. Ideally find a great lot and build a home.

Am I patient?
Have I started looking at homes?

Here's some beauties..... which are totally out of our current and/or projected budgets.

But they're fun to dream about. ; )

Ever been to a house plans website? Totally addicting. Here's one I happen to like. If we build at the lake, it'll have to be small. Property there is $$$$ so you don't get much house for your dollar. But that's perfectly fine. We don't need a McMansion.

P.S. Mr. Free's movie premiere was last night.... I'll update tomorrow with pics from the debut. It was wonderful! Great job to all involved!!!


  1. ahhh I feel ya. My first pick, personally, is the coast. lol but the lake is the next best location! =)

  2. Oooh...the coast would be nice! This is our 'practical' dream. Haha. Being surrounded by water is always a good thing.


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