Thursday, April 22, 2010

Easy ways to go 'green'

Happy Earth Day everyone.

I know 'going green' has become quite trendy lately, but really, is that such a bad thing?
Taking care of our planet and the environment our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will one day live in should be important.

Mr. Free and I have slowly been trying to make 'greener' choices. One reason too as that often being 'green' is also being frugal! Many of these tips are also cost-effective! Bonus!

Here's some simple tips to becoming a greener household:

* Use cloth grocery sacks.

And leave them in the car where you will use them....don't leave them at home where they are useless like I often do....

* If you don't have reusable grocery sacks, and use plastic, then re-use them!
We re-use plastic grocery sacks as the trash liners in the bathroom (frugal!) and for lunch sacks (frugal again!)

* Use a power strip for electronics and turn it off when not in use!

This saves a lot of power and a lot of money on your electric bill!

* When making furniture or household purchases, check thrift stores and craigslist first!
It's better to use items that already exist, then dumping unwanted items into land fills and buying new. This is cost-effective and gives your home more charm! (I'm telling you...they don't make things like they used to!)

* Use natural ingredients for home cleaners!
Vinegar is great at cleaning almost anything, and is dirt cheap! No use of chemicals contributes to a healthier, greener home!

* Buy local!
Not only is this great for our local economy, it also cuts down on pollution and damage to the environment caused by trucks and trains delivering our goods across the country and continent. (For more info on eating local....check this post!)

So far these are ideas we have already implemented. We are far from the 'green' example household.

So Readers, what are your 'green' household tips?

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