Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Homes Tour

One of my favorite things about Spring is the Spring Homes Tour!
Nothing makes me want to go home and clean house more than seeing these perfectly spotless and manicured homes.

My mom and I were out running errands and decided to peak into one of the homes.
It is beautiful!
Nothing earth-shattering, but gave me some good ideas for when we can *hopefully* build a home someday.

Here are the highlights:

I liked the 2 different granites between the countertops and the island countertops.
Don't let that pantry fool you....
She looks like your average pantry.....
A ha!!! Amazing!!!!
I wasn't jealous at she is double the size of my closet!

Upstairs laundry....definitely on my list of wants!

2 shower heads.....genius!
I want that tub, I want that tub, I want that tub....
I totally loved the color of the hardwoods they have. The next house will have dark hardwood floors I do declare....

I loved this built-in mud room bench and storage!!!

That's it!!! Thanks for touring with me!
I am curious though, what's on your list for your dream home?
A walk-in pantry? Jacuzzi tub? Home office? Kitchen island?

Do tell!!!

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  1. A big kitchen with two ovens. That is on the top of my list for a dream house.


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