Monday, April 5, 2010

First Fridays recap...

If you're from Kansas City I hope you know what First Fridays are.
If not....
First Fridays are where the art galleries in the Crossroads district open up to the public and you can enjoy food and wine and browse the local art.
It is wonderful.
This month our good friends Trevor Hawkins and Justin Gardner had a showing of still footage from their short film 'We Will Make You Whole Again'.

Starring: Mr. Free

Here's a couple pics from the showing. (Can you spot Mr. Free???)

The premiere is just 8 days away! Here's a preview of Mr. Free on the big screen! So.weird.

Can I just say I'm so excited to go to a movie premiere?! AND be the wife of one of the stars!

When we go down for First Fridays, I always have to stop at Black Bamboo.
I love so many of their things! But they are way, way out of my price range.
I just go in to drool.
Here's some of my faves I saw this month:

Every time I see this I want it sooo bad. But, it's about as big as our whole house. Haha.

This chair is made from rubber. It smells weird, but is very comfy.

Aren't these stool beautiful?!!

So, there's my little recap. If you live in KC, you should definitely join in on the next First Fridays!!!

Does anyone in KC have a favorite gallery or store?
Non KC friends, do you have a 'First Friday' type event where you live???

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  1. I love Black Bamboo too... we got a bowl from there for our wedding. Needless to say, after I saw it in the store I went home and quickly took it out of the drawer. A bowl that expensive does not belong in a drawer... or as my jewelry bowl. That chair was not comfy if you are pregnant! although Brian made it look really comfy! Love that couch too!

  2. Oh wow Congrats! You get to go to a movie premiere! Exciting! I live outside STL but I don't think we have "First Friday" in our area...but I wish we did! :)

  3. You captured the First Fridays experience perfectly. Well done! And glad you had a good time. It was a lot of fun showing everybody what we're doing.

    Also, I'm REALLY liking this blog. You're doing a great job of posting very frequently, and I'm now subscribed. Keep up the great work!


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