Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On the Eve of Earth Day: Composting

Mr. Free and I started our garden this week.
In preparation a couple of weeks ago we decided to start composting.

Mr. Free used some plywood scraps (oh-so-green of us!) to make some compost bins to put in the back of our pretty large, jungle-like backyard.

We also purchased a small plastic paint bucket from Lowe's to put our daily food scraps in to take out to the big bins.

It has been quite the experience so far! We have cut down our trash by about half!
In composting you can compost 'green' materials
Food scraps
Egg shells
Yard clippings

and 'brown' materials
Paper towels
Coffee grounds

Many of you probably already knew this, but just in case you didnt...

Starbucks gives away big bags of coffee grounds for you to use in your garden.
We snagged a big bag Sunday and used it in the soil for our garden.
It's free and great for your compost and soil!
And gives you an excuse to go to Starbucks more often! Hahaha

Here's a cute pics of the pups while we were gardening....they are so cute and short. : )

Also.... please check your local listings because tonight on PBS they will be airing Food Inc. tonight!!!

I highly, highly recommend everyone see this who eats food.
That should be everyone....
It's not gross or make you want to be a vegetarian (like I've heard some people say in concern)
It just educates you on what you are putting your body.

Please watch it. Please.

So Readers,
Is anyone a long-time composter? Have any tips?
Is anyone a beginner composter like us?
Have any questions about it?
Have you seen Food Inc.? What are your thoughts???


  1. our zoo here in Louisville also sells/gives away (I'm not sure which) animal manure for composting help from time to time... stinky, but beneficial I think... you might check and see if they do that in KC too!? :)

  2. Good thought! I'll have to check with the KC zoo....I might anger a few neighbors though...haha

  3. We are "soon-to-be" composters!!! =) We have actually been getting REALLY excited about beginning composting in our back yard once we move back in the fall. So fun!

  4. That's awesome Whitney! Hopefully we will know a little more by then!

  5. You should look into red wiggler worms, they are great for composting.
    I have seen Food Inc., that and reading some Michael Pollen books have really changed my diet the past couple of years, but I feel so much healthier now. It also helps to work at a natural grocery store.

  6. I have composted since I was a young teen, but lately, the past 5 years or so, I have not kept up with it (due to health problems). But, you definitely need a sunny place to allow the sun and heat to penetrate it. It's important to "turn it over" probably once a week or every couple of weeks. They say to add lime to it as well. I didn't know you could compost paper and paper towels; that is fascinating. I sure wish I could buy one of the special compost tumblers that Sam's Club has right now! They're neat looking. My compost pile hasn't been messed with in a long time; instead, it's been a garden home for catnip (which somehow seeded itself there a few years ago). And unfortunately, a neighbor's tree is right by it and has grown around it. It will be a mess trying to get to it and restart the compost process. I've always enjoyed the idea of composting; I'm a "green" kind of gal--way to go on giving it a try!


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