Monday, April 12, 2010

Lonny....Readers, Readers....Lonny.

You *must* become acquainted with Lonny.
She is amazing.
And she is a magazine.

You probably remember, our dearly beloved Domino...

well, Lonny is here to help fill that void.

The best part?! You can view her for FREE online!

Yes, FREE!!!

(my favorite word!)

And you flip through her, like a real magazine!!!

No clutter, better for the earth, and better for your wallet!
Of course, you can still get that beautiful glossy version mailed to you if that's your style...
Here's a few pics from her first 4 editions.

So Readers....what do you think????

Do you have any online treasure troves you want to share?


  1. Thank you for sharing this magazine! I looooved Domino and was so sad when they canceled it! Def going to check this out!

  2. Oh yay!!! I've missed Domino so much and nothing has compared. This looks great!


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