Monday, February 8, 2010

Window Re-Dressing.....

Well, it's fair to say that *most* of our window treatments have seen better days. We've done the best we can with what we have. But, I'm ready to help take them to the next step.
First on the list? Our living room windows.
Exhibit A: (sorry for the crap-tastic picture...)

The blinds were here long before we were. They have a chunk missing out on the right panel. Convenient for snooping, but means it could go both ways. Who knows who could be peeking in....

So here are the options I'm looking at. All but 1 are DIY.

The first option? Sewing two Roman shades....preferably in a graphic chocolate print.

With a print along these lines:

Another option is the DIY Canvas Drop Cloth Curtains. I love the look and ease of these:

The third option I've racked up in my noggin is a simple dark bamboo shade. I think these look great in others homes, but we removed so much 'bamboo' out of this house, going back kind of scares me. Maybe someone will talk me back into it.

OK, so what's your vote? Any other ideas I'm missing???


  1. I love option 1 but think 2 is better for the big window space. maybe you could find a patterned fabric (like 1) to use. might be kinda cool!

  2. Good thought! I do like the scarf we have above the window, so I'm trying to think of combinations that will work together.


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