Saturday, February 20, 2010

I need COLOR in the kitchen!

I've come to the realization I have been afraid of color in our home!

Almost every room is brown/black/white with aqua. Our house is so little I was afraid to make it too lively.


I need color. I'm bored.

So....Im starting in the kitchen.
The base colors in there were, surprise, aqua and brown.
I'm adding YELLOW! My new favorite color!

Here's my recent additions, with a few yellow accents.

(Yes I know, most of your closets are bigger than my kitchen. : ( )

To shop from the things I already own, I pulled a recycled paper flower pot I bought for $1.50 last season on clearance at Target and am currently using it as a cookie cutter holder....adding a little more punch of color.

Here's the aqua and yellow together...I love it with the white and chocolate brown! It's kind of retro.

Here's my wish list for my kitchen, to add a few more punches of color:

Pitcher- Target $9.99

Cookie Jar- Target $9.99

Bread Box- Target $14.99 (I absolutely LOVE this!!!)

And the crowing jewel that I would DIE to have in my kitchen:

Kitchen Aid Yellow Artisan Stand Mixer- Amazon $250 (Beautiful and practical)

So, there's my wish list. Sigh.

Readers, are you afraid of color like I was or do you live in a vibrant home? Do share!!!


  1. Hey cousin. I need to send you some pictures of my house. I have a lot of color. Or maybe you guys could come down to Texas and visit us sometime. :)

  2. That would be awesome! I've only been to Texas once! I bet your house looks great! Feel free to e-mail me some pics!


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