Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today's post is random. But it's my I can do what I wish. : )

First off.... Monday was a Snow/Ice day at the Free household, and on those rare occassions, it is slowly turning into Doughnut Hole days as well.

Our household loves donut holes. (Yes I spelled them two different ways, just appealing to the masses)
For our rotation for breakfast in Sunday School, we always bring homemade donut holes.

Today's post is random. But it's my I can do what I wish. : )

They are soooo stinkin' easy.

*Deep Fryer (or skillet filled with an inch of hot oil(

* Canned biscuits (as many cans as you like! The 'grands' type will be able to become 4 donut holes each biscuit, the regular kind will be 2 donut holes per biscuit)
* Cinnamon
* Reg. sugar AND powdered sugar

* Heat oil to 374 degrees.
* Cut biscuits into either quarters or halves depending on how big the biscuit.
* Roll into balls.
* Drop them in the fry basket, or hot oil
* Keep them in til golden brown (only a minute or 2)
*** You may need to flip them, depending on frying method
* Stick hot, fresh donut holes in a paper sack with a few tbs. of reg. sugar, powdered sugar and cinnamon
* Shake the bag like a polaroid picture
* Eat and enjoy.

They are sooooooooooooooo good. Mmmmmmmmm.

Please promise me before you die, KC locals that you will try, at least once, Shatto Milk's Root Beer milk???

It is sooooo good. You're honostly missing out if you haven't had a taste.

It's local. It's delicious. It's Kansas City. (Wow...that's a good slogan! Maybe I should have gone into advertising... : ? )

Thirdly and finally:

Mr. Free and I decided on our living room window treatment dilemna. We hope to work on it this weekend. Here's a sneak peek. (We aren't going with just one of the inspirations, we are combing a couple. Genius.)

It'll involve these.

Well there you go.....'til next time.

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