Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Rewind

Mr. Free and I had a great, relaxing Valentine's Day this year.

I was still getting over whatever stomach bug I had this weekend, so we slept in, ate great food and watched reality television. We never do that, so it was genuinely a treat. Here's some pics from our fun day together.

We had a pink brunch. Pink eggs and pancakes. We have a weird fascination with food coloring. Lord knows what our insides look like. Of course we washed that down with some Shatto chocolate milk.

Mr. Free got me some gorgeous roses and made me an Edible Arrangement! It was very thoughtful and delicious! That man went all out, it's seriously over 10 pounds! If anyone wants to stop by for some chocolate covered fruit, be our guest!

Here's the best picture I have of the art project I made Mr. Free. It is still drying at this point. You know I love houndstooth, and we love our basset hounds. So the two seemed to fit nicely. Houndstooth. Har har har.

Then we enjoyed a nice relaxing dinner and evening. We had steak and potatoes and mint oreo ice cream cake for desser!

Hope you all had a wonderful day with those you love!


  1. That edible arrangement looks sooo delicous!!!

  2. It is delicious! It's just soo much! We are bringing some to our friends tonight! Sharing the wealth!


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