Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Mr. Free and I LOVE to travel. We are just fascinated at the natural beauty God has created in this planet of ours. We love to meet new people and experience new cultures.

In our first two years of being married we:

* Honeymooned in the Bahamas
* Took a road trip to Chicago
* Camped through the Rocky Mountains
* Cruised through Mexico

Not too shabby for poor college students!

Well this year we were bummed that a trip was simply not in the budget. With Mr. Free finishing up his bachelor's degree (almost there!!!) and me beginning my Master's degree, we were already stretched financially.

But God has given us a wonderful opportunity.

11 months into our marriage Mr. Free and I took a road trip to Colorado. We took his truck with our *new* camper shell and drove all through the rocky mountains camping. We stayed a few nights with our former youth pastor and his family (which was a tremendously fun time catching up and enjoying company!). We toured Denver and really fell in love with Boulder.

I think out of all our travels so far, that had to be my favorite. We had no itinerary (which is RARE for me!!!) and just enjoyed each other and our surroundings.

The mountains are breathtaking.

Well, Mr. Free as well as another couple from church have been invited to lead a youth weekend at our former youth pastor's new church. We are so delighted and blessed to have been thought of!

Mr. Free and I are very excited to go see our friends again, to hopefully teach and inspire youth and to enjoy that beautiful part of God's creation.

We are so thrilled for this opportunity. We will be heading there over Spring Break. All four of us would really appreciate thoughts and prayers during this time. We pray to have safe travel, given the right words and actions to teach these youth, and a relaxed break from our day-to-day schedule.

God is at work in mine and Mr. Free's life and it is so exciting to see what He has in store.

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