Friday, February 26, 2010

A Trip to the Thrift.

Today is payday (woohoo!) so after school I ventured over to my fave thrift store to peruse around.

I found a couple things, and none of them cost more than $.99! Yay!

I found this great walnut candle holder (.99). The bottom of it says that it is from Ozark Missouri Walnut. Nice.

I think it'll look great in our bathroom with a chunky white candle on top.

Next I found this cute vintage-y green vase (.99).

It reminds me of the drinking glasses my grandparents used to have. Oh childhood memories.

I always look through the book section as I love old books. Today, two caught my eye.

The first one attracted me because of its pretty colors (yellow and gray), and the title made me laugh out loud. How To Keep Slender and Fit After Thirty.
That stage of life is closer than I'd like, so I should probably get a-readin'.

The second one I loved the color and pattern of the book. Plus I'm a teacher, so a Linguistics book or two never hurt.

What do you think? Do you all have any great thrift store finds?

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  1. Great finds! The green vase is beautiful and the 'slender and fit' book is hilarious and very cute:) I'll be featuring these on my blog this coming Monday 3/29:)


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