Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh Target, I love you.

Thanks to gift cards, I've been able to do some shopping without melting our spending freeze. It's truly helped keep my sanity!

I went perusing Target the other day and found some steals! Oh how much I stinkin' love Target!

Number 1:

Throw pillow by Dwell Studio

I've always loved the Dwell Studio line at Target. Their stuff is modernly beautiful! However, their price is still a bit high for my liking.
I've had my eye on this pillow ever since it came to the shelves.

But last week, I saw that beloved red sticker on its label.

Original price: $24.99, Clearance: $4.99


Number 2:

Yellow Kitchen clock.

I've got a whole other post about the changes I'm making in my kitchen, but long story short, I want some yellow accents.

I also wanted a clock in the kitchen.


This clock I did NOT buy on clearance. I know... I know..... I'm disappointing. But wait til you hear its price.


Yes.... $3.99. Forgive me now?

Number 3:

Kitchen rug

Our old kitchen rug was starting to fall apart, so I had been on the lookout for a replacement. I originally wanted something with lots of color, but when I turned the corner and saw this, I fell in love.

Then I saw the price tag and fell head over heels!

Original price: $24.99 Clearance: $6.24

Every time I come into my kitchen now, that cute little rug makes me smile!

So, anybody else find any great bargains lately?! Do share!!!


  1. you had a great trip to Target! Cute stuff!!!

  2. okay, I followed you over here from me and mr. c's blog, AND I am pretty sure I recognize you! we must have mutual friends. anyway, I HAD to comment because.... I bought the SAME rug the other day for the SAME gloriously cheap clearanced price!!! in fact... we very well may have been there around the same time. at the same store. weeeeeird.


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