Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sugar and Spice...TWICE as nice!

Mr. Free and I are going to be the proud aunt and uncle to twin neices this summer!

We are so excited to welcome little ones to our family!

We found out the genders of our two precious little neices this week, so I've been in full aunt mode!

Thoughts of baby showers and presents have filled my head! These are going to be two very spoiled little girls!

As a big fan of Etsy, I decided to peruse that sight in search of precious things for two lovely little girls. Oh boy, that site is sure addicting. Especially the baby stuff. I hadn't ventured to that part of Etsy before....it is too cute!

Here's some of my favorite baby girl finds!

How cute is this dress!

And these booties!

I normally hate ponchos on adults, but look how precious and cuddly it is on a sweet baby girl!

And I really think all little girls need hats and headbands until their girly locks come in.

These little shoes are so adorable!

I love these stuffed giraffes! (Giraffes are my favorite zoo animal...partly because they have freckles like me!)

I'm normally NOT a girly girl (pink has never been my favorite color), but how stinkin' adorable is this tutu?!

And of my goodness, I'd wear this cardigan myself! How much cuter on a baby!

And since they are twins...how cute are these onesies???!!

For those of you with little ones or expecting little ones, I highly recommend checking out Etsy for some unique, handmade items for your sweet little one!

Does anybody have any other sites to check out for possible gifts or ideas for my neices???? Let me know!


  1. Okay you HAVE to get the Peanut Butter and Jelly. That's just too stinkin cute! And For a very inexpensive spoiler you can make those bows so freaking cheap! Hobby Lobby!!! Flowers elastic and a hot glue gun!!!

  2. Oh yeah...I plan to DIY a lot of the things I saw. I think I'm going to make the peanut butter and jelly onesies. Isn't that so adorable though?!


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