Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Someday I will have a chalkboard wall.

I just LOVE the look. Maybe it's the teacher in me.

With more and more little ones coming to our home (we have twin neice(s)/nephew(s) coming this summer!) I'm hoping to make our home more child-friendly.

Our dear friends bring over their little girls, Ella and Ava and the poor things are bored to tears. The closest things to toys for them to play with are our pets. : /

Someday I will have a chalkboard wall.

Just look at these images and imagine the endless fun for little ones actually getting to create art on the walls!

Doesn't that just look so much fun?!!

And yes, Mr. Free and I FULLY intend to be the artsy-fartsy aunt and uncle. And maybe even, Lord-willing, artsy-fartsy parents.
Tonight I plan on doing a simple DIY art piece using wrapping paper. Hold on in anticipation for the details....


  1. If we end up moving Rowan and Riley into the same room, I'm seriously considering painting at least one wall with chalkboard paint. I love how it looks too! I just don't know how much to do or where...ahh

  2. Oh, you DEFINITELY should. I'd probably just do one wall...mainly for money and so the rooms not too dark. I think it runs about $13/ quart. A room would get pretty $$$. I think I decided to paint one of our tables downstairs with chalk paint...may start on it this weekend!


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