Monday, July 26, 2010

Pantry Organization and Buying In Bulk Continued...

As you all are well aware, our kitchen is tiny.
We don't have a pantry, and have creatively used the back of our basement door as a makeshift pantry for a few everyday items.

I've also mentioned how I love buying in bulk as it saves time and money.

But with the lack of storage in our kitchen, we had to get creative on where to store our excess items.

So I put Mr. Free to work.
In our unfinished basement, we had a lot of open area underneath our stair case. I always wanted to at least put a wall up so we could have an actual laundry room.

But instead of just a wall, we decided to build a wall of shelves!
Tons of storage!

Mr. Free finished it last week and we've begun organizing all of our pantry items.
One of these days I'd like to paint the shelves and make them all pretty, but in the meantime, they are highly functional.

Here they are:

There are also shelves on the other side, in the laundry area that holds our excess linens, toiletries and laundry supplies.
But that's another blog post....

Living in a small space forces creativity, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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